TV & Radio - Gerald Ashley
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Gerald makes regular media appearances – he has appeared on Sky News TV, BBC World Service Radio, Jazz FM, US and Canadian Radio, Danish TV, BBC TV and commented in the press on topical business, risk and financial issues, both in the UK and overseas

Are we all becoming more risk-averse, and what does that mean for the global economy?

Lesley Curwen discusses risk with Harvard economics professor Ken Rogoff, the Financial Times columnist known as ‘Mrs Moneypenny’ and Gerald Ashley, author and risk management expert.

Plus, the management consultant turned comedian Colm O’Regan dispenses his wisdom on negotiating ploys and the panel discuss their own favourite negotiating techniques.

Can you spot a market crash coming?

David & Michael are joined by Gerald Ashley, broadcaster and writer on change, risk and decision making.

They discuss the current political situation and its effects on the markets, and what lessons can we learn from the great stock market crashes.